Cooking with Kids: Two-Ingredient Banana Pancakes

These easy banana pancakes only need two ingredients and a fork, for the tenderest little morsels of sweet banana goodness. 

Cooking with Kids: 2 Ingredient Banana Pancakes

Cooking with Meredith

Kids love pancakes, and Meredith had fun making the easiest pancakes ever. You just need two ingredients:

All you need is an egg and a banana

That’s right – an egg and a banana – that’s all it takes.

So easy!

If your kids are old enough to use the stove, they can make these pancakes lickety split.

And if you’re a grown-up and looking for a quick snack for yourself, or to feed your kids after school, or if you need to feed the crew a breakfast in a hurry in the mornings, then these pancakes are for you, too! Plus they’re a good source of protein from the egg, and vitamin B6, manganese, and potassium from the banana! Good for any time of the day.

Mmm, Two Ingredient Banana Pancakes

they’re good to nibble on just plain, too

The bananas provide just the right amount of sweetness, so you can serve the little pancakes with some yogurt, unsweetened applesauce, or fresh fruit! Or if you want to gild the lily – go all out and serve them with a dollop of sour cream and a drizzle of maple syrup.

Cooking with Kids: Two Ingredient Banana Pancakes

Try adding a touch of cinnamon to the batter if you want to change it up, or beat in a bit of unsweetened cocoa powder to make chocolate banana pancakes. Toss in a few dried currants or cranberries, too. For grown-ups, add a touch of matcha powder. Let your imagination guide you.

a plateful of banana pancakes

Easy Peasy Two-Ingredient Banana Pancakes

serves 1

  • 1 egg
  • 1 banana
  • coconut oil or other oil for cooking the pancakes

In a shallow bowl, mash the banana with a fork or a potato masher until it is like pudding with a few lumps in it. Crack in the egg.

banana and egg for banana pancakes

Use a fork or a whisk to beat the banana and egg together until they start to get frothy.

Heat a heavy bottomed skillet or a non-stick skillet over medium-low heat (set the temperature one notch lower than you’d cook regular pancakes at). Place about ½ teaspoon of coconut oil into the pan and when it’s melted, spread it around to coat the bottom of the pan.

Pour a small amount of batter – about 1½ tablespoons – into the pan for each pancake. The batter should spread out into a 2 to 3 inch (5-7 cm) pancake. If you make the pancakes too big, they are hard to flip. Don’t cook more than 4 pancakes at once, and make sure they are spread out evenly in the pan.

Mashing bananas for banana pancakescooking the banana pancakes

When the edges look set and the bottom is golden brown when you lift up one corner of a pancake to peek, flip them over. This takes a bit of practice, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not too hard. Use a spatula and slide it gently under the pancake as far as it will go, then only lift the pancake up until the bottom edge is still touching the pan, then quickly flip the pancake over into the same spot it was in on the first side.

Cook the other side until it is golden brown, too.

Makes 8 to 9 little pancakes (2½ inches), depending on how big the banana and the egg were.

Guten Appetit!

For more fun kitchen projects to make with kids, see the ‘Cooking With Kids’ series.


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Nibble on them just plain

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4 Responses to Cooking with Kids: Two-Ingredient Banana Pancakes

  1. Mary Pat Frick, aka twissis says:

    Made for the FF&F What’s on the Menu? Tag Game – They were so easy & fun to make plus they happily met my simple goal. I made a breakfast lasagna for a family brunch & already had a dessert planned, so I wanted something “fruit & breakfast” to accompany the lasagna that wouldn’t compete w/the dessert. They were so perfect that I didn’t bother serving them w/butter, syrup, etc … & my guests greedily ate them plain. The mechanics were much easier than expected using a non-stick sprayed griddle & a small gravy ladle to get uniform sizing. Yield was 5 pancakes per banana & egg. I plan to make these w/my grandson when he visits us here later this yr. 🙂

    • Margaret says:

      So glad to know they were a hit with your crowd! I love having something so simple in my cooking repertoire – especially for those mornings when I’m stumbling around in the kitchen still half asleep and have hungry mouths to feed. Thanks for commenting and letting me know how they worked for you. Happy cooking!

  2. Ruth says:

    The little pancakes were quick and easy to make. One of my little friends isn’t too thrilled about Bananas. So I added a bit of vanilla and now the “vanilla pancakes” are a big hit. Thank-you for sharing this great recipe!

    • Margaret says:

      Oh, that is so funny – you are so smart 😉 . I love this recipe, too, and how quick and easy it is to make. A great way to use up bananas when there are too many in the fruit bowl! Thanks for visiting my blog and also for your comment.

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