This blog is about Canadian food with a German flair and a gluten-free twist.

Hi, my name is Margaret Bose-Johnson.

Margaret Bose-Johnson

I’m a first-generation Canadian born to German immigrant parents, learning to cook from my talented and innovative mother, and influenced by all the other good-cooking German aunts and omas in the family, too. Food was, and still is, central to all our family gatherings. We like nothing better than to get together and cook, then sit around the table for hours visiting, eating, and visiting some more (and okay, I admit it, picking at the bowls, too). I have a cookbook addiction that fuels my love for learning to cook new foods from many different cultures.

I am a teacher, writer, and mother to four children in various stages of grown-up-ness, the youngest just finished high school. I live on an acreage outside of Stony Plain, in north-central Alberta, Canada (long, cold winters – short, glorious summers). I get to indulge my inner-farm-child in my large gardens and a small chicken coop with a flock of very pampered hens.

Six years ago our oldest daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease, along with a dairy and corn allergy. Yikes. That forced a recharge and revamp of my cooking, but it has been a fun and exciting journey. I discovered all kinds of new ingredients. Then within the last few years, the other three children were diagnosed with gluten intolerance and either dairy or egg allergies, and my husband was diagnosed with Lyme Disease which triggered multiple food allergies (44 to be exact). Double yikes. Cooking got even more interesting and challenging.

Since several of the kids are university students, and in and out of home in constantly changing combinations, my meals vary according to which allergies I’m cooking for. So the recipes on this blog will often be free of different allergens, but always gluten-free, or have gluten-free adaptations included (except for the bannock recipe – sorry, that was earlier on, but I did finally come up with a pretty tasty substitute).

This site is a chronicle of my own bumpy journey along the road to gluten-free cooking, but more importantly my desire to share my passion for great food made with wonderful ingredients and lots of love.

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I write the food column for our two local papers, the Spruce Grove Examiner and Stony Plain Reporter.

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Thanks for visiting—it makes my day to know I have readers following my kitchen adventures!

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