• cassava empanadas on the table, and one cut open to see the inside

Empanaditas de Yuca (Cassava Empanadas): A Taste of the Dominican Republic

By |June 10, 2022|4 Comments

Try your hand at making these delicious gluten free empanadas known as catibías or empanaditas de yuca (cassava empanadas), a popular street food in the Dominican Republic. The dough for these little hand pies is easy to work with and fries up to be wonderfully crispy and chewy at the same time, surrounding a savoury ground beef filling. A tasty snack! This month for our Eat the World recipe challenge, we are headed off to the the warm islands of the Caribbean. The Dominican Republic, to be specific. It's the second largest country in the Caribbean and encompasses a diverse culture. [read more]

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