Travel is our window into the world and fulfills a passion and curiosity inside. Come check out some of my travel adventures, with links below, to places I’ve visited. People, towns, countryside, and of course – always the food!

castle ruins, Ireland

castle ruins, somewhere on the way from Dublin to Galway

This business of living was never meant as a treadmill sort of thing.

There are rivers to cross and mountains to climb and glorious songs to sing.

Helen Lowry Marshall

Andreas, waiting for the fountains to spray, in front of the Eiffel Tower

the Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

Gordes, hilltown in Provence, France

what a view of the hilltown of Gordes, in Provence

cathedral at Rouen. France

the cathedral in Rouen, France

lavender is almost blooming in Provence

the lavender fields in Provence weren’t quite in full bloom yet, but the heavenly aroma was there

looking down on the 'big island' at Francois Lake, BC

looking down on the the ‘big island’ at Francois Lake, B.C.

Monet's water gardens at Giverny

Monet’s water gardens at Giverny, France

Join me on some of my travels. Blog posts of places I’ve visited:


San Francisco

Sun Peaks, British Columbia, 2012

Germany, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia

Francois Lake, British Columbia, 2012

Sun Peaks, 2013

Francois Lake, 2013


Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Switzerland

Paris Cooking Class

Francois Lake, 2014

Vancouver and Seattle

Francois Lake, 2015


Sun Peaks Skiing, British Columbia, 2016

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, 2016

Francois Lake, 2016

Italy, Rome & south, and Sicily

Rome Cooking Class

People Watching in Italy, 2016

Driving Around Sicily

Jamaica, 2017

Jamaica Cooking Class

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, 2017

a herd of mountain sheep in Jasper, Alberta

make ahead breakfast cookies, Seattle Space Needle

Space Needle, Seattle, USA


“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.”
– Anita Desai


2 Responses to Travel

  1. Heidi Ness says:

    I think you and I are kindred spirits! My friend, Sherry Ryks knows you from her
    church in Stoney Plain! She was just visiting me in Norway, and she hooked me up with your blog. Love the mushroom bit. I am addicted and we are finding
    chanterelles and other (porcini) mushrooms in our woods in Norway.
    keep it up. Inspiring!

    • Margaret says:

      Aww, thanks you so much, Heidi! It just warms my heart to know there is someone across the ocean who is a like-minded soul. I appreciate so much hearing from you. Hope you have lots of luck finding more mushrooms – it’s such fun, isn’t it – like finding treasure! I’d love to find some chanterelles sometime, and hope to hunt for some morels next year. Thanks for reading my blog – hope you and Sherry had a wonderful visit.

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