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Magic Mango Smoothie

Whiz up a batch of delicious mango smoothie loaded with health-promoting fruits, natural-electrolyte coconut water, and healing turmeric. It’s just the thing after a bout of strenuous exercise or to sip on instead of breakfast on a busy day. I … Continue reading

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Gingerbread Dough Boy Smoothies

Whip up Gingerbread Dough Boy smoothies for a delicious, satisfying breakfast in a glass – full of the goodness of oats, nut milk, and the sweetness of dates and spices. It’s like a big glass of drinkable oatmeal and gingerbread … Continue reading

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Banana Milk – a Simple Little Indulgence

Such a simple creamy drink that tastes absolutely decadent. Indulge in banana milk instead of a milkshake in the summertime or instead of eggnog in the wintertime. I love getting new food ideas from friends. I love the camaraderie and … Continue reading

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Cantaloupe Creamsicle Smoothie

  Orange Crush was my favourite soda pop flavour when I was a kid. That heavy glass bottle, frosty-cold and dripping with condensation on a sweltering summer day. The sweet, citrusy nectar slipping down my parched throat, followed by the … Continue reading

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