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Real Canadian Poutine and a Trip to Ottawa and Montreal

Indulge in that iconic Canadian dish – poutine. What’s not to love about a plate of crispy fries, stretchy squeaky cheese, and a rich, luscious gravy? It’s pure comfort food; potatoes and gravy with a fantastic, flavour-boosted twist! Only in … Continue reading

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Zippy Potato Puffs – Cheesy Little Potato Appetizers

These cheesy little potato appetizers are sure to please at your next gathering. A slice of pickled jalapeño adds a spicy kick to the baked potato base, and it’s all topped by a creamy parmesan cap. Oh. My. Goodness. It’s … Continue reading

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Creamy, Cheesy, Lentil Mashed Potatoes

Add nutritious lentils and luscious cheese to mashed potatoes to turn them into the star of your next meal! My mom has never really liked potatoes, so all the years growing up, I thought I didn’t like them either. It’s … Continue reading

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Li’l Honey Lemon Fingerling Potatoes – Side Dish or Appetizer – Bet Ya Can’t Eat Just One!

Don’t you just love it when the underdog gets his moment of glory and steals the show? . . . when David beats Goliath, when Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree becomes the stunning centerpiece, . . . when the usually relegated-to-the-side-dish, … Continue reading

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Campfire Baked Potatoes, and a Glorious Lazy Week at the Cabin

Here’s a fantastic trick for making tender campfire baked potatoes that don’t burn! All you need is a campfire or grill. Summer cooking at its best! We are so lucky to be able to spend time at the cabin every … Continue reading

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Turkey and Potato Puff (or Cottage Pie)

Use up some of that leftover turkey from your feast to make cottage pie – a moist, flavourful meal-in-a-pan; tender bits of turkey or chicken swimming together with juicy mushrooms in a tasty gravy, all snuggled under a mashed potato … Continue reading

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Chimichurri Sauce – on Steak, Salmon, Potatoes and Just About Anything Else

Wow. That is all I can say. Chimichurri sauce – where have you been all my life?!!! The bold, zesty flavours of this sauce make my tongue want to leap out of my mouth and do a kicky Latin salsa … Continue reading

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Back Home Again with Wonderful Memories and a German Potato Salad

German Potato Salad – try this different version of a potato salad – it’s so simple yet loaded with flavour. Makes you come back for one more helping, and then one more. A great salad to complement summer barbecues and … Continue reading

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Asparagus and Shrimp Potato Salad with a Creamy Lemon Tarragon Dressing

When the days are hot, I crave cold food. Salads, ice-creams, and fruits. We are in the full swing of glorious summer here in northern Alberta. My garden is growing like crazy (as are all the weeds). We have been … Continue reading

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Spruce Tips and Potatoes and Cream (Plus Spruce Tip Salt & Spruce Tip Vinegar)

Don’t have a herb bed? Want a new interesting flavour in your food? If you have one of these in your yard: . . . you have your own private herb supply – at least for a few weeks in … Continue reading

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