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Rhubarb and Spruce Tip Galette – Easier than Pie!

A rustic rhubarb galette showcases spring’s bounty of mouthwatering fresh rhubarb spiked with another special spring offering – spruce tips! This free-form pie is so easy to make, yet looks like a stunning masterpiece (and tastes like one, too.) It’s … Continue reading

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Big Beautiful Lemon Meringue Pie

A luscious lemon meringue pie is on the top of the favourite-pie-list for many people. Make this beauty from scratch for the lemon lovers in your family. A smooth and silky custard that’s tart and intensely lemony topped with a … Continue reading

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Big Batch Gluten Free Pie Crust Mix (Freeze it so Any Day’s a Pie Day)

Making gluten free pie crust can be a hassle, so while you’re at it, make a large batch for the freezer. You’ll love pulling out a bag of this tender, flaky crust mix and being able to whip up a … Continue reading

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It’s Pumpkin Pie Time (and this one’s dairy free and egg free)

Celebrate the autumn colours with a rich and delicious gluten free, dairy free, and egg free pumpkin pie (in case you have to cook for loved ones with allergies). It tastes so good you can’t even tell the difference! This … Continue reading

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Evans Cherry Pie to Make Billy Boy Happy

This classic sour cherry pie will make your mouth pucker and your guests beg for more! With a gluten-free crust option, too. Can she bake a cherry pie, Billy Boy, Billy Boy? Can she bake a cherry pie, charming Billy? … Continue reading

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Ginger Pear Tart (Plus Pie Crust Recipe, Gluten-free, too)

Soft juicy pear slices with a hint of ginger and almond turn this Ginger Pear Tart into a luscious treat. Easy recipe for regular or gluten free pie crust included.  Sometimes you just need pie. Growing up, we never had … Continue reading

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Garbanzo Goulash Pot Pies (or Goulash and Biscuits)

  I love things made in individual little pots and dishes. Maybe it’s in response to growing up in a large farm family, where food was always presented in massive pots or serving dishes for help-yourself service at the table. … Continue reading

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When the Zucchini Monster Strikes – Crustless Zucchini Pie and Zucchini Fritters!

A creamy, crustless zucchini pie makes great use of summer’s zucchini bounty. Or try delicious zucchini fritters. It happened again. We got attacked by the Zucchini Monster. Somehow, when I wasn’t looking – he struck . . . dumped a … Continue reading

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Easy as Pie – and if it’s Strawberry Meringue Pie – Easier Yet!

There’s no traditional crust to fiddle with: no pre-chilling of ingredients, no cutting-in of butter, no watch-out-not-to-overmix handling of the dough, or careful lifting of the ornery rolled-out sheet as it falls to pieces just before hitting the pan. No. … Continue reading

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The Un-Cheesecake, with Coconut Crust and Berry Sauce

Voila – the birthday cake. They don’t always have to be three-tiered marvels of icing and swirls (though who can resist those?). Sometimes a simple cheesecake does the trick. After all, it’s not so much the actual cake that matters, … Continue reading

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