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Green Soup (It’ll Lure the Leprechauns)

Bring spring into your home and clean out the crisper drawer at the same time with a bowl of light and tasty Green Soup – and maybe you’ll attract some leprechauns, too. Every year when our kids were growing up, … Continue reading

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Headache Tea – Herbal Relief for Headaches and Migraines

Brew a pot of soothing Headache Tea and feel your throbbing pain melt away as you sip. There come those familiar signs again . . . a throbbing in my forehead, it hurts to blink my eyes, my neck feels … Continue reading

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Sorrel Soup (Sauerampfer Suppe) Makes me Smile

Clean, simple ingredients showcase the sprightliness of a classic sorrel soup. When we were children growing up in British Columbia, we gathered wild sorrel growing in the ditches along our country road. Nibbling the mouth-puckeringly sour leaves was a pleasure … Continue reading

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Spaghetti ‘Herbonara’ and a Garden of Greens in the Middle of Winter

When I left the house yesterday morning the mercury was plummeting, snow was swirling thickly, and the roads were threatening to get icy. Our little ‘Spring Interlude’ had headed south. Oh, well. It was nice while it lasted. Sigh . … Continue reading

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Love, Love, Lovage . . . You Gotta Plant Some Lovage (and make this Soufflé)

Just sayin’ . . . I don’t mean to be bossy, but if you don’t have a lovage plant in your yard yet . . . what’s stopping you? This hardy herb grows just about anywhere, and I actually recommend … Continue reading

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Steam-baked Salmon with Lovage and Lime and a Zesty Herb Tartar Sauce

One of the treasures I brought back from my trip to B.C. was a cooler full of freshly caught sockeye and chinook salmon. My mom and I cleaned them and froze them right away, and now we get to enjoy … Continue reading

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Herb-Stuffed Porkchops

Herb stuffed pork chops – an easy recipe to whip up. Bursting with flavour the savory herb stuffing keeps thick cuts of pork chops moist and juicy. This simple recipe was born one day when I had these lean thick-cut … Continue reading

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