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Magic Mango Smoothie

Whiz up a batch of delicious mango smoothie loaded with health-promoting fruits, natural-electrolyte coconut water, and healing turmeric. It’s just the thing after a bout of strenuous exercise or to sip on instead of breakfast on a busy day. I … Continue reading

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Off to Europe! and our Favourite Simple Way to Eat Strawberries

  I am so excited – we’re heading off on a European adventure! Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, and Switzerland. How lucky are we? We’re leaving this weekend and gone for four weeks, renting a car and seeing where the adventure … Continue reading

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Bacon Bundles – Delectable Little Fruit and Bacon Appetizers

The easiest little bacon appetizers around – tangy fruit wrapped in salty bacon and roasted till chewy and crispy.  You’ll go crazy for these! Don’t you just love when you find out about a new dish that’s mouthwateringly, deliciously addictive, … Continue reading

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The Great Baked Apple Experiment (and Two Delicious Fillings)

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than to play around with a private taste testing of one of my favourite comfort foods – a simple, homey, dessert that evokes a bygone era – the baked apple? It was … Continue reading

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A Canadian Christmas: Gumdrop Fruitcake, an Old Prairie Recipe (Gluten-free version, too)

Gumdrop Fruitcake – a classic Canadian prairie recipe that will turn even the most unwilling into a fruitcake lover. A light caramelized batter studded with chewy gumdrops and sweet fruits. It’s a Christmas jewel. The Canadian Food Experience Project (December, … Continue reading

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How to Cut a Mango

Here are clear and simple instructions and photos for how to cut a mango easily and efficiently so you can enjoy that most delicious tropical fruit. Mangoes were once such a rare tropical fruit to find in the grocery stores. … Continue reading

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Ruby Red Fruit Salad with a Pomegranate Glaze (and 3 other Jewel-Toned Fruit Salads)

A bowl full of sparkling jewels. This ruby red fruit salad expresses the bounty of summer with the rich palette of colours and tones only nature can provide. Just look at those wonderful shades of red and crimson and scarlet … Continue reading

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Blueberry Sangria – a Pitcher Full of Summer

Sangria spells summer – or almost (it’s only one letter more, but who’s counting?) It’s the kind of drink that seems to work best sitting out on the deck with friends, in the shade of a leafy tree, with the … Continue reading

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Cherry Ice Cream – A Cool Solution to a Hot Summer

Easy, 4-ingredient homemade cherry ice cream is just the thing to cool you down on a sweltering summer day. It’s fresh, cool, and intensely cherry-flavoured – the flavour of summer on a spoon. The lazy hot days of August are … Continue reading

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Mangoes and Blueberries in Yogurt Cream

Luscious. Fresh. Creamy. This dessert just makes me want to sing. It is so simple, yet so satisfying. And it’s not just a dessert. It is equally wonderful for breakfast, or a snack. It is made from the simplest, freshest … Continue reading

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