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Spiced Hot Apple Cider

Cradle your hands around a steaming mug of sweetly spiced hot apple cider, take your first warming sip, and you’ll sigh and be glad that the colder weather is arriving. It’s a reason to celebrate autumn. (Skip to recipe) Start … Continue reading

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Healing Turmeric Broth (and Soup)

Do something good for your body. Sip a mug of power-packed, healing Turmeric Broth, loaded with nutrients from veggies, garlic, ginger, and that magical anti-inflammatory yellow spice – turmeric. I don’t know if it’s just me, or if it’s this … Continue reading

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Holiday Drinks Sampler

Here’s a lovely sampler of holiday drinks – some alcoholic and some not. Looking for the perfect cocktail, or maybe a chai tea syrup for gift-giving, or how about a frothy banana milk instead of eggnog? Lots of ideas here. … Continue reading

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Apple Beet Juice – Good for your Gut

Fresh apple beet juice has healing properties for digestive problems, plus it just tastes good. It’s like the sweet, earthy essence of the summer garden in a glass. Thirteen years ago I had a mysterious and debilitating medical issue. Quite suddenly, and … Continue reading

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Pimm’s Cup Cocktail (lightened-up version) – the Perfect Sip for a Day of Sailing

Pimm’s Cup is a classic British cocktail that livens up any summer gathering – a herby libation all dressed up with citrus, mint, and cucumber. This version’s lighter on the sugar so it’s even more refreshing. Like I’ve said before, … Continue reading

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Cold Brewed Iced Coffee

Taste the difference when you cold brew your iced coffee – mellow, smooth, and frostily delicious on a sweltering hot summer day. We’re in the dog days of summer. What does that really mean? ‘Cause our dog is living the … Continue reading

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Moscow Mule Hits the Spot after a Day on the Slopes

The gingery zip of a Moscow Mule makes it an equally perfect drink after a day on the slopes or under the hot summer sun. We’re just back from a few days skiing at Sun Peaks Ski Resort in beautiful … Continue reading

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Happy New Year with a Jam-Smashing Cocktail

Shake up a spoonful of jam with splash of gin and a dash of lemon for the ultimate Jam Smash Cocktail. HAPPY, HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS! I hope you all had a warm and wonderful Christmas, and made lots of … Continue reading

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Dieter’s Wonder Water – with Green Apple, Cucumber, and Mint

This refreshing ‘Wonder Water’ makes it easy to drink lots of water every day! Have the January ‘blahs’ hit you yet? Are you feeling caught in that nowhere land that comes between the end of the holiday rush and those … Continue reading

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Energy-Boosting Power Coffee, and New Year’s Resolutions

A cup of Power Coffee loaded with everything good-for-you will give you a boost of energy to get you through the day! Today is January 5th and it’s the start of the New Year – for me. Christmas holidays are … Continue reading

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