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Chocaholic’s Dream – Chocolate Walnut Cookie Dough Balls

I still can’t bring myself to eat raw cookie dough . . . but boy-oh-boy, can I devour these flourless cookie dough balls! After the deliciousness of Gingerbread Cookie Dough Balls, I haven’t been able to stop craving the doughy … Continue reading

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Cooking With Kids: Caramel Popcorn Cake

Cooking with Meredith Last week was Meredith‘s birthday. She turned eight. In addition to cooking and getting creative in the kitchen, Meredith loves playing with Lego, spelling big hard words, Ukrainian dancing, and wrestling with her brothers. To celebrate her … Continue reading

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Farmhouse Fried Chicken

Chances are, if you grew up on a farm on the Canadian Prairies, you’ve eaten chicken prepared like this. (Chances are if you grew up in town on the Canadian Prairies, you’ve eaten it, too.) Simple. Basic. Yet somehow so … Continue reading

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Cooking With Kids: Fried Eggs in Salami Nests

Cooking with kids is such fun. Now that my kids are grown up (almost), our cooking together is different. We still have great times in the kitchen, but it often involves lots of laughter, and grown-up jokes, gossip, and sometimes … Continue reading

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Gingerbread Dough Boy Smoothie

It’s like a big glass of drinkable oatmeal and gingerbread cookie dough combined – much too yummy to be a healthy breakfast-on-the-go, right? In honour of Williams-Sonoma‘s Smoothie Week, I thought I’d like to share a smoothie recipe with you … Continue reading

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