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Make Ahead Breakfast Cookies (Plus a Trip to Vancouver and Seattle)

Healthy breakfast cookies to make ahead and bake up fresh for energy throughout the day. Get the breakfast cookies recipe here. We found Spring! It was hanging out at the West Coast! We’re back from a road trip over Spring Break … Continue reading

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Confetti Crepes with Chocolate Lentil Creme, Toasted Hazelnuts and Fresh Pears

Are you looking for a luxurious, decadent dessert for your next dinner party or lazy Sunday brunch? Look no further. It’s hard to believe lentils can be the base for a dessert so sinfully smooth and chocolatey, and toothsome and … Continue reading

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What’s for Breakfast? Ham and Green Onion Egg-Buns!

My husband says our chickens are prima donnas – because they only lay eggs when they want to. I think they are just exercising their prerogative as females and occasionally taking a break from all that productivity. After all, a girl’s gotta … Continue reading

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Mangoes and Blueberries in Yogurt Cream

Luscious. Fresh. Creamy. This dessert just makes me want to sing. It is so simple, yet so satisfying. And it’s not just a dessert. It is equally wonderful for breakfast, or a snack. It is made from the simplest, freshest … Continue reading

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Rollpfannkuchen is Just Another Name for Crepes (or Gluten Free Vegan Crepes)

What to do? Should you spread your crepes with butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon or roll them up with Nutella? A sweetly delicious dilemma. Who doesn’t like pancakes? Let me rephrase that: Show me a kid (and that includes kids-at-heart) … Continue reading

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A New Beginning and Irish Cheese Toasties

Hello World. Is this what a newborn baby feels like? Or maybe the new mama? Either way, here it is. Here I am. A new blog, a new beginning, and (gulp) a whole lot to learn about parenting my new … Continue reading

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