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Gluten Free Pizza Muffins – a Grab and Go Meal or Snack

Pizza Muffins are the quick and easy answer to that pizza craving without all the work. Zesty, cheesy, and full of traditional pizza flavours, you can customize these muffins however you like. Great for snacks or lunchbox meals. Pizza meals … Continue reading

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Homemade Gluten Free Pancake Mix (Because Camping Season is Upon Us)

Camping season is here! Pack a bag of homemade gluten free pancake mix and you can quickly whip up a batch of fluffy pancakes, tender waffles, biscuits, or even a batch of moist, sweet muffins. Certain foods always make me … Continue reading

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Hummingbird Muffins (and I’m not as Old as I Look)

Hummingbird Muffins are a riff on that rich delicious cake made famous in the south. This lighter rendition is stuffed with banana, pecans, and apple. You’ll be humming with delight when you take a bite! I love it when I … Continue reading

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Candy Bar Muffins – a little Indulgence to Deal with all the Halloween Loot

Before you are tempted to gobble up the kids’ Halloween candy stash hidden under their beds, barter them for some of the treats to make these delectable Candy Bar Muffins. A good way to remove temptation and change it to … Continue reading

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What’s for Breakfast? Ham and Green Onion Egg-Buns!

My husband says our chickens are prima donnas – because they only lay eggs when they want to. I think they are just exercising their prerogative as females and occasionally taking a break from all that productivity. After all, a girl’s gotta … Continue reading

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