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Homemade Chili Powder

Raid your spice cupboard and quickly stir up this flavourful homemade chili powder. Ten ingredients that make a rich and complex mix. You won’t want to buy the commercially-made stuff again. (Skip straight to recipe) Chili powder seems to be … Continue reading

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Okay, so Now I’ve Eaten Grasshoppers

Crispy, salty, toasted grasshoppers actually add a nice crunch to a cheesy quesadilla. (Never though I’d say that!) Yup, and they were actually quite tasty. When my friend Christine said she and her husband Gilbert had brought some grasshoppers back from Mexico and … Continue reading

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The Mighty Mushroom Hunters (and Some Giant Puffball Recipes)

Giant puffballs make some mighty fine eating! If you’re lucky enough to find one in a field or forest’s edge, try whipping up a few of these delicious puffball recipes. This has been the autumn of puffballs in our house. … Continue reading

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My Favourite Gluten Free Flour Mix

This basic all-purpose gluten free flour mix works great in baking! Gluten free baking sucks. Well, that’s what I used to say. But in the five years since I first had to start baking without wheat flour, I’ve learned a … Continue reading

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Cooking with Kids: Homemade Sprinkles and a Birthday Party

It’s easy to make funky little homemade sprinkles to brighten up a bowl of ice cream or birthday cakes, doughnuts, cookies – whatever needs a hit of flavour, colour, and crunch. Cooking with Meredith It was birthday party time – … Continue reading

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