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How to Cut Up a Chicken

  I was a chicken. There, I’ve said it.  I’m coming clean. Thousands and thousands of hours spent in kitchens, and I’ve always been afraid to cut up a whole raw chicken. It’s not that my mother didn’t teach me. And … Continue reading

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Oaty Chocolate Bites – Cookies to Cheer Up the Late-Spring-Blues

Chocolate Bites – oaty almond flour cookies studded with crunchy cacoa nibs and rolled in cocoa. Gluten free little nibbles that satisfy your cookie cravings. Happy Spring everybody! Was it only a week ago that I was lamenting our miserable … Continue reading

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Mexican Burgers with Smoky Chipotle Sauce

I thought spring had sprung, but it’s howling and snowing outside again, so I’m thinking of warmer climes. Something nice and spicy and sunny. Mexico comes to mind. And since I can’t get there right now, I did the next … Continue reading

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What’s for Breakfast? Ham and Green Onion Egg-Buns!

My husband says our chickens are prima donnas – because they only lay eggs when they want to. I think they are just exercising their prerogative as females and occasionally taking a break from all that productivity. After all, a girl’s gotta … Continue reading

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Mississippi Mud Sauce – Thick, Rich, Hot-fudgy Chocolate Sauce

Everybody needs a knock-em-dead store-cupboard dessert to wow guests. The kind you quickly throw together when you hear the dog bark and see unannounced guests pull into the driveway. Or the kind you whip up in two minutes when you … Continue reading

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