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Happy Summer to Me, Happy summer to You! Homemade Ice Cream Cake!

Birthdays.  Anniversaries.  Graduations.  New babies.  Promotions.  Engagements.  Picnics. Barbecues.  New boat.  New car.  New dog.  New haircut.  Friends over to visit.  Fridays . . . Any reason to celebrate. All reasons to have ice-cream cake, your own homemade ice cream … Continue reading

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Asparagus and Shrimp Potato Salad with a Creamy Lemon Tarragon Dressing

When the days are hot, I crave cold food. Salads, ice-creams, and fruits. We are in the full swing of glorious summer here in northern Alberta. My garden is growing like crazy (as are all the weeds). We have been … Continue reading

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Easy as Pie – and if it’s Strawberry Meringue Pie – Easier Yet!

There’s no traditional crust to fiddle with: no pre-chilling of ingredients, no cutting-in of butter, no watch-out-not-to-overmix handling of the dough, or careful lifting of the ornery rolled-out sheet as it falls to pieces just before hitting the pan. No. … Continue reading

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Spruce Tip (or Basil) Baked Rhubarb Compote over Silky Swedish Cream

Here is the recipe I’ve been working on: rhubarb and spruce tips, a glug of white wine, sugar, and a knob of butter – all baked into a meltingly soft, eye-poppingly tangy, incredibly easy dessert (or breakfast, bedtime snack or … Continue reading

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Spruce Tips and Potatoes and Cream (Plus Spruce Tip Salt & Spruce Tip Vinegar)

Don’t have a herb bed? Want a new interesting flavour in your food? If you have one of these in your yard: . . . you have your own private herb supply – at least for a few weeks in … Continue reading

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Cooling Watermelon-Lime Ice (with a tequila option)

Watermelon speaks to me of long hot summer days . . . a stillness in the air . . . the drone of a tractor in the far distance . . . sweet juice dribbling down my chin. Well, we’re … Continue reading

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