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Chocolate-Almond Tapioca Pudding

As temperatures plummet, I crave comfort foods – stews, soups and puddings. Interesting, how comfort food seldom seems to be crunchy or sharp or intense. It’s more often soft and warm and . . . well . . . comforting. … Continue reading

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Purple Salad – a Touch of Color in a Winter White World

Our world is white. Winter white. Clean and fresh and cold. Christmas songs are ringing in my head and my internal seasonal excitement monitor has kicked up a notch.  Oh – it’s coming. Fa-la-la-la-la  la-la-la-la. On Saturday morning we woke up … Continue reading

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A Taste of Sun and Some Flaming Guacamole

Warm sun. Palm trees swaying in tropical breezes. Turquoise waves rolling up on caramel-coloured sand. That’s what I left. Biting chill in the air. Leafless brown trees braving strong winds. Solidly frozen Jack-o-lanterns leering at me from the front steps. … Continue reading

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