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Herb-Stuffed Porkchops

Herb stuffed pork chops – an easy recipe to whip up. Bursting with flavour the savory herb stuffing keeps thick cuts of pork chops moist and juicy. This simple recipe was born one day when I had these lean thick-cut … Continue reading

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Saskatoons, Saskatoons, Every Which Way

I have been living, breathing, eating saskatoons every which way since I’ve come back. I think it has been another form of therapy. Picking, cleaning and preserving 133 jars of those unique Northern berries kept my mind and hands so … Continue reading

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Naure’s Gifts: Fresh Trout, Morels and a side of Bannock

What gifts nature has to offer, if we only stop to look – or listen – or thread a hook. I’ve just come back from a week at my parents’ cabin in northern British Columbia, on the shores of the … Continue reading

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